Greetings from
Rose Aleta Barbee.

I am a practitioner specializing in
Sacred Ceremony and Ritual,

striving to help individuals connect with
their own awesome power
by establishing regular communion with Spirit.

I teach the use of ancient ritual tools
for use in modern times.

I guide tours to sacred places, and
bring back artifacts for sale to interested parties
through my store and online gallery.

I perform rites of passage --
weddings, crossing over rituals,
croning ceremonies, etc.
that can help make your most meaningful moments
more special.

I am available for private consultations and
therapy sessions.

I conduct workshops and circles, where we
explore the nature of the Sacred and the Human.

There is a lot of information within these pages.

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and begin your experience.

Take your time and visit often.

Feel free to contact me any time.

May the Animal Spirits be with you.

I hope to meet you soon.

This message will repeat shortly.

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