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We accept payment for purchases both online & by mail.                     

Our Gift Shop is located in Greater New Orleans, Louisiana, featuring:

Art & Handicrafts by Native Americans and Indigenous People from Around the World, Books on Shamanic Cultures World Wide and Native American Teachings, Music, Cards & Journals, Jewelry, Crystals, Sacred Pottery, Navajo Baskets, Hand Painted Silk Altar Cloths, Drums & Rattles, T-Shirts with Native American Theme, Reiki Attunements, Shamanic Drumming Circles, Monthly Workshops.  Many of these items can be purchased online (see below) or by contacting Rose.

The shaman's work is often enhanced by a variety of sounds, aromas, tools, attire, incense, etc.  These materials can be hard to find.  In this gallery I endeavor to bring as many of these items together in one place as possible, along with reading material that teaches how and why they are used.  I acquire some of these items on my world travels to sacred places, others I make by hand from found objects, or by special order.  Some of these items are available for purchase, others are placed here to give you some idea of what the object looks like.  Please feel free to peruse the gallery and join the MAILING LIST to receive news of what I've brought back from my latest adventures. -  Rose Aleta Barbee

Ritual Tools

Tools used in Shamanic practice are objects which have been "charged" for special purposes, usually set aside for special occasions and viewed as "sacred" by the users. Tools for use in rituals may be purchased or hand made.  Some believe that tools made for an individual with intent and in a prayerful manner carry more energy for the work they will be doing.

Some of these items are in stock. Others are made to order. Some are imports, others local. All are hand-crafted. Prices vary per item within each category depending upon complexity of design and cost of materials, and stock changes frequently. 

All items that are made exclusively for Shaman's Shadow are made in a prayerful manner.  Prayers are offered up to the spirits who will work with the tools and for the person who will eventually own the tool.  A ceremony to "drum the tool to life" is performed to "charge" the tool and prepare it for the work to be done.  Click on image for larger views, detailed information, and purchasing options.

Spirit Dolls -- made to order.
Prayer Beads
Turtle Rattle
Parrot Fan
Beaded Shaman's Hat
Prayer Beads Drums Rattles Ceremony Fans Beaded Shaman Hats
Jewelry Totems & Fetishes Sacred Herbs &
Smudge Kits
Medicine Bags Altar Cloths
Pendleton Blankets
& Pillows
Beaded Items Shawls Native American

Shaman's Shadow's is an affiliate, which means that in exchange for featuring selected Amazon products on this site Amazon sends us a small percentage of the income they generate from sales made here.  This benefits Shaman's Shadow mostly by relieving us from having to stock and ship the books we'd like to see you read. This service is free to you. In other words, it costs you no more to shop from here than directly from, which already saves you up to 30% off of retail bookstore prices.  You get the added benefit of our hand-picked recommendations and clicking on the books below takes you directly to the page where you can review and/or order our hand-picked favorites.  You hardly have to shop at all, and most books/CD's etc. are delivered within 3-5 days.  Once you are on an page, you can also search for and/or purchase other titles of interest to you.


Tapes & CDs

Michael Harner: Any of the 7 CDs for Shamanic Journey (various instruments are used on each CD, drums, rattles, didjeridu, and Tibetan sound bowl – so choose the sound that resonates best with you)
Sisterbeat: Rhythm Spell


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